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In this day and age, technology has taken over much of our every day lives. When we don’t have internet access, we kind of go into a panic and its hard to even remember what life was like without it! But what hasn’t changed with all the advances in the technology world, is how it feels to actually hold an album that possesses all your most special moments.

As wedding photographers we work so hard to capture your day and edit everything to perfection and most clients stop there. They think, as long as I have my photographs online then there is no need to have something tangible, but they are wrong! Creating an album is so special and amazing for you and for us. We get to take all our hard work and put it in a presentation that you will get to enjoy for your entire lives!

The process is made as easy as possible for you and for me. I will start with a design, creating your story from beginning to end, which helps as a guideline for you. You will receive the album design online and have the ability to edit and decide what you want and don’t want included in your album. Once it is finalized, I will send it to print!

I am so excited to share one of the flush mount albums that I offer to my clients. All albums are beautifully made with Kodak Endura paper, that lays flat so you never have to worry about pages folding and creasing your precious photographs! They all also come in a gorgeous presentation box that helps protect your album from wear and tear.

Below is a portrait book that features full page photos on the front and back. This client had this album made of her amazing boudoir session to give to her husband as his wedding gift 🙂 These albums are also great for engagement sessions, which can be used as a guest book for your wedding!


Leather and Linen covers are also available that include a small photograph on the front and imprinting on the cover or spine. Below are the many color options you can choose from.

Leather Swatches

Leather Swatches Cont'dLinen Swatches

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in booking a session or to learn more about our albums!

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