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A lot goes into planning a wedding and I know for a lot of people, having their picture taken is uncomfortable, awkward and not something they want to be doing all day, especially for the guys. When my husband and I were planning our wedding he actually had the nerve to say “do we really need a wedding photographer??” That wasn’t him trying to annoy me or not want to remember the day through photographs, it was him saying “I don’t like having my picture taken and it makes me really uncomfortable.” Which I totally understood because he hates being the center of attention and thinks he looks weird in photographs, which is not true at all by the way 🙂

When I first talk to potential clients one of my initial questions is “do you want getting ready photos” and the bride always answers “YES!” and the groom is always hesitant. But fellas, I am here to tell you the 15 minutes of being uncomfortable and having someone photograph you put on your shoes and jacket, are totally worth it! I recently finished an album design for this 2016 couple and one of my favorite spreads of the album was the groom getting ready! The photos are classic, timeless, straight to the point and they are some of my favorites from the whole day. Keeping the room clean and having window light are a great recipe to gorgeous getting ready photos. And it is so important to document this time, the calm before the storm, because once the day starts going, its over before you even realize it!

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