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Engagement season is in full swing which reminds me that my husband and I got engaged 4 years ago today! The minute I got engaged, wellllll the summer before I got engaged, I started researching wedding photographers. Call me crazy, but coming from a background in photography, I had a definite and specific style that I wanted for our future wedding day. What I was looking for back then, is what I find my clients are looking for and find in me! They want natural, timeless wedding photos and it is my honor to give that to me.

Jackie + Josh came to me through a few different referrals of friends and past clients and I am beyond excited to document their wedding day this coming September! Their fall engagement was definitely not what we expected with the temperatures reaching 80 degrees the day of, but their love and comfort in one another was truly inspiring. Being in front of a camera isn’t easy but for these two, it was like they didn’t even realize I was there! Can we fast forward to September already?! 🙂

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