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After rescheduling their wedding day once, Sarah and Matt chose to have their wedding this summer with only their immediate families at Sarah’s family home in North Salem, NY. Sarah lost her mom, Eileen, almost 10 years ago to cancer. Sarah decided getting married in the front yard, under her mom’s favorite tree on the property seemed like the best way she could honor her on this special day. The week and days leading up to their wedding was not easy as we were hit with one of the worst power outages we had seen in a long time. Their home did not get power until the MORNING OF THE WEDDING. It was truly a miracle and evidence that Eileen was watching down on this gorgeous August day. Sarah also had hints of her mom in her bouquet and tablescapes, using her favorite, sunflower. She wore her pearl earrings and there were pictures of her scattered everywhere.

Their new puppy, Rue was a big part of their day. She did not leave Sarah’s sided for most of the day, even sitting on her dress at one point 🙂 The entire family, on both sides, really pitched in to get this backyard wedding up and running and they did an amazing job. Sarah’s first look with her Dad, John, was one of my favorite moments on the back porch. From there he walked his youngest daughter, to the front of his house, to give her away.

I grew up in North Salem and graduated with Sarah’s older sister and knew her family well. So the tears that were shed throughout the day were not only from their family members but also from me. Eileen was truly a beautiful woman inside and out with one of the most recognizable and contagious laughs you have ever heard. I know if Eileen were there she would have been beaming the entire day as she witnessed Sarah and Matt finally become husband and wife and officially start their lives together.

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