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Since high school, I have been interested in photography. I always thought taking pictures and creating art for a living would be my dream career. While having these hopes and dreams, I never considered wedding photography an option for me. That is until I started going through the process of finding my own wedding photographer. As a bride and photography admirer, I knew from the beginning I wanted something different and was going to be VERY particular. I wanted our story to be told in a natural and romantic way. While looking for that “something different”, I realized the world of wedding photography is a completely different one than I assumed. Talented photographers are turning our special day into fine art for us to cherish for the rest of our lives. I knew immediately that is exactly the type of wedding photographer I want and would love to aspire to be one day. From there, I met the beautiful and wildly talented Caroline Frost Shea. Not only did she make my wedding dreams come true but she inspired and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and take a risk of what I always dreamed to do. Become a photographer.

Caroline was gracious enough to let me tag along on one of her engagement shoots in New York City this past March. Here are a few of my pictures from that day.



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