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The morning of Kim and Pete’s engagement shoot, I had the case of the butterflies. Today was the day I was shooting an engagement shoot on my own, as a wedding photographer. I felt like I had something to prove with this shoot and was trying not to psych myself out. Thankfully, the minute I got to the first location my butterflies diminished and I was completely in my element.

We spent a beautiful April day in Bedford, New York, the town where Kim and Pete grew up, met each other, fell in love, got engaged and bought a home together. To say the least, it was the perfect backdrop for their engagement shoot! Knowing them as a couple, I knew it would be easy to photograph them. They were completely at ease in front of the camera, with each other and the pictures speak volumes of the love they have for one another.

Pete is the Chief of the Bedford Fire Department.The Meeting House : Where Pete and Kim first met.Bedford Green : The spot where Pete proposed to Kim.jessicamiccioInitials_32x32x32

  1. Kathy M Profaizer says:

    Damn. Now I want engagement pics. So perfect

  2. Darlene Moonan says:

    Lovely pics! Congratulations to both of you!

  3. Betsy Kearns says:

    These pictures tell the whole story-love you both!

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