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One of the first things clients cut time from is the getting ready and details portion of the day, and in my opinion that is the worst mistake. I’m sure most people wold not agree with me. Why would you want to make time for us in our robes and hair in rollers, than make more time for the dancing and partying of the reception? Don’t get me wrong, both are VERY important in your wedding day timeline. But I think the getting ready and details portion is looked over and not appreciated enough. The details of the day set the tone of your wedding day and includes some of the MOST important things of your wedding day! The dress, the rings, the flowers! These are all things you spent months searching, designing and planning for, and to not spend time giving them their own moments of the day, is just not fair! This portion of the my wedding day Tips For Brides series, is the invitation suite. Throughout the series, we will go over the dress, shoes, veil, jewlery and more to help you make your wedding day unique and personalized to you!

Aside from the Save The Date, the invitation is the first thing your guests will see for your wedding. It will set the tone for your wedding and provide a little sneak peek for your guests on whats to come! The invitation suite above is from Anastasia Marie who I found on Etsy. It is important to bring 2 copies of your invitation suite for your photographer to have. This suite is a perfect example – if I didn’t have two copies, you wouldn’t have been able to see the amazing branch details that lined the back of the page!

I brought in some accessories to style up this gorgeous suite up a bit. First are the vintage stamps from Verde Studio who I also found on Etsy (see a pattern here? I’m addicted to that site) They add the perfect hint of funk, color and personalization to the whole picture. I bought these stamps in all different colors and symbols to incorporate into the invitation suites for my 2016 couples. The second item I incorporated was the hand dyed silk ribbon from Pistils and Stamen (also from Etsy!) I bought them in 3 neutral colors and the ribbon just adds a bit of softness and elegance to the suite. It also provides texture and a subtle hint of color. You need to balance all the components and really make them all work together.

The last items were a last minute decision because they were my Valentine’s Day present from my parents this year. They gave me all different items for my house that were valentines day themed and thought these paper straws would be the perfect addition! If you don’t have straws, thats ok! You can incorporate anything other items like your rings, jewelry or flowers. To incorporate your flowers you can ask your florist to leave a few flowers (from your bouquets or centerpieces) on the side to bring to your room with the bouquets. This is a great way to add color and life into the suite and a great way to tie your whole day together. Also, if you are getting your envelopes written in calligraphy, bring one of those too!

Brides – I hope you enjoyed this post and tune in for the other parts of the series. These little tips are here to help you understand the point of view of your photographer and when he/she asks for an hour for details and getting ready, you will know why! We want to make the most of our time and give you everything you want (and more) from your wedding photographs!

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  1. Dawn Dean says:

    This is great Jess! Some of my favorite pictures from my wedding are the pictures of Greg getting ready and all the details you captured!

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